Indian choc chip and mint freakshake

Well, everyone has been doing it and I’ve been just desperate to try one too! Whenever I go for an Indian meal the accompanying dessert options are invariably a little uninspiring. Simple ice creams intended to refresh […]

Apple and blackberry crumble

I rarely make a crumble, for the simple reason that I have an awful tendency to just eat the topping, leaving a bowl of hot, sweet fruit for everyone else to enjoy! It’s one of my […]

Tarte au citron

There are two things I rarely dare to bake – tarts and bread. The main reason being that they are the recipes most likely to leave me in a pool of tears! I adore a lemon tart, […]

Rice payasam or kheer

Enriched with a tasty coconut flavour, rice payasam, or rice kheer, is similar to a western rice pudding but is a traditional festival food from the Karalan area of South India and contains the region’s […]

Coconut ice

Considering my obsession with all things coconut, there was a certain inevitability about this recipe appearing sooner rather than later. Having grown up by the seaside, one of my earliest memories is of sitting on the […]

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