Rice bran oil

Extracted from the hard outer brown layer of the rice husk after it has been chaffed, rice bran oil is notable for both its mild flavour and its high smoke point (232°C / 450°F) which […]

Pav bhaji

This is a really simple and warming street dish that I first discovered from a vendor on a cool evening on London’s embankment by the river.  I’d never heard of it before but it’s a […]

Masala aloo (Bombay potatoes)

There are plenty of different recipes for making this Indian restaurant staple but this is without doubt one of the best. Easy and relatively quick to make once you’ve boiled and prepared the potatoes, this […]

Ginger-garlic masala paste

Many Indian recipes call for ginger-garlic paste (masala) but it is not always easy to find. You could, of course, combine equal portions of shop-bought garlic paste with ginger paste but these contain additives and […]

Dal tadka

Dal tadka – literally a bean or pulse stew (dal) with a tempering (tadka) – is a classic Punjabi vegetarian dish and while most recipes call for one choice of pulse this one includes two […]

Crunchy Indian spiced cod fillets

This is my equivalent of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals but unlike most of Jamie’s recipes, you really don’t need any preparation, you don’t need the knife skills of a Michelin starred chef and you […]

Murgh makhani (butter chicken)

Murgh makhani (butter chicken) In my continuing attempt to find the perfect cook-at-home Indian dish, I have probably put my life into my own hands by cooking what (I understand) is considered one of those […]


Kalpasi, also known as the black stone flower or sea lichen, or in the Middle East shebat al ajooz or ishna, is a species of lichen used as a spice in certain parts of India. […]

Spicy varutha kozhi chicken curry

Varutha kozhi, which means “fried chicken”, is one of the most basic and popular dishes of South India and there are many variants on the basic recipe which essentially consists of coconut and spices, the […]

Vegetarian chickpea curry

For anyone who knows me, my idea of vegetarian cuisine is chocolate and cookies. My wife is a keen veggie so I am always actively on the hunt for dishes that will satisfy our collective appetites. The […]

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