Coconut and raspberry pudding

It may be a little strange to some, but I like to make my own birthday cake each year. The reason being that I always have a long list of cakes and desserts I’m desperate to […]

Kiddie’s fruit salad dessert

Like all good hypocrites, I spend much of my time spooning one decadent morsel after another into my mouth, while doing my best to ensure my children eat healthily!  I’d wanted to use up some leftover […]

Peanut butter and jelly NaughtyStack

Following the roaring success of the S’Mores NaughtyStack, when my wedding anniversary arrived, I knew exactly what I was going to give to my wife as a treat.  PB & jelly sandwiches are one of […]

S’Mores NaughtyStack

S’Mores NaughtyStack The current food fads seem to be for things that only an Olympic athlete or Arnie could polish off and the S’mores NaughtyStack is right up there with the best of them . The very idea […]

Chocolate orange éclairs

The French word éclair means “flash of lightning” and these ever popular pastries consisting of cream-felled choux pastry with a rich topping were so called because they disappeared down people’s throats as quick as lightning […]

Indian choc chip and mint freakshake

Well, everyone has been doing it and I’ve been just desperate to try one too! Whenever I go for an Indian meal the accompanying dessert options are invariably a little uninspiring. Simple ice creams intended to refresh […]

Apple and blackberry crumble

I rarely make a crumble, for the simple reason that I have an awful tendency to just eat the topping, leaving a bowl of hot, sweet fruit for everyone else to enjoy! It’s one of my […]

New York cheesecake

My recent success with a tarte au citron emboldened me to try one of my other favourite recipes, the good old New York Cheesecake. Most of my favourite memories of holidays and trips abroad  revolve around […]

Tarte au citron

There are two things I rarely dare to bake – tarts and bread. The main reason being that they are the recipes most likely to leave me in a pool of tears! I adore a lemon tart, […]

Rice payasam or kheer

Enriched with a tasty coconut flavour, rice payasam, or rice kheer, is similar to a western rice pudding but is a traditional festival food from the Karalan area of South India and contains the region’s […]

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