Triple chocolate cookies

I like chocolate. I like cookies. Why I haven’t made triple chocolate cookies before is beyond me! There’s nothing smart or sophisticated about this recipe, I just wanted to make something decadent with a truly chocolatey hit. And […]

Chocolate fudge

I hadn’t realized that fudge was such an important subject until I posted my simple fudge recipe. Although one of my most popular recipes, some traditional fudge enthusiasts were quick to point out that by using […]

Peanut butter and jelly NaughtyStack

Following the roaring success of the S’Mores NaughtyStack, when my wedding anniversary arrived, I knew exactly what I was going to give to my wife as a treat.  PB & jelly sandwiches are one of […]

Chewy s’mores bars

There was something a little carefree and playful in this recipe. I knew my daughter wanted to make me something for Father’s Day so I suggested that rather than her do it by herself we did […]

Super chewy florentines

Delia Smith thinks these are the best biscuits in the world, but you also need to heed the words of baking guru Annie Bell: “Florentines aren’t the simplest of biscuits, which is why I tend […]

Coconut caramel crumble bar

It’s a fact of life that any successful recipe will eventually fall prey to my “maybe it will be better with coconut” philosophy. Because everything is improved with coconut. Or bacon. Or cinnamon. In fact, the perfect recipe would […]

Chewy caramel oatmeal crumbles

There’s no other word for it, these are awesome! These lovely chewy, gooey, chocolaty, caramel-rich squares are thanks to a baking disaster (as I think a lot of great food discoveries are down the years!) A […]

Cranberry and white chocolate cookies

It’s probably heresy to admit to having a penchant for a Millie’s Cookie, but I find them irresistible. For me, they have the perfect texture, the perfect buttery taste and they’re also pleasing to the eye! I’ve […]

Chocolate Easter egg nests

Children will love giving you a hand in making these during the Easter holidays. They are very simple and easy to make and look great. They will get a real sense of pride in having […]

Owl moulds

Silicon owl moulds which can be easily bought from Amazon and other online retailers (see Links below) are useful and versatile to add to your collection of kitchen equipment, especially if you have parties for […]

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