Onion bhaji

The classic starter in an Indian restaurant, the top comfort food in India during the monsoons, and an ever-popular item on street food stalls, the humble onion bhaji has become internationally one of the most […]

Parmesan tenderstem broccoli

This is an incredibly simple side dish that adds some pizzazz to your five a day and works brilliantly with fish. You’ll want to make sure that the broccoli isn’t too soft or it will break […]

Honey and thyme Chantenay carrots

This is a ridiculously simple recipe and one that is most likely to get children eating their carrots, should that be a problem. Sweet carrots are made even sweeter by cooking in honeyed water blended […]

Spicy Parmesan potatoes

Here’s a quick, easy, and delicious way of spicing up potatoes, especially if you’ve got some going spare and you don’t know what to do with them. These are fine as a snack on their […]

Sweet and sour fruit salad

This is a really unique and refreshing summery salad that looks harder to prepare than it really is.  Once you’ve tried it once you’ll be far more confident the next time.  The main thing is […]

Crushed garlic potatoes

These are an incredible taste hit with a wonderfully moreish, soft texture.  I often make these as a side to a main meal, but they’re great if you’re having nibbles with some friends and work […]

Spicy paprika wedges

Everyone needs a stock wedges recipe and this is mine.  It’s simple but results in a lovely soft, fluffy wedge with a vibrant red hue.  Dependent upon taste, you can reduce or increase the cayenne. […]

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