Rice payasam or kheer

Enriched with a tasty coconut flavour, rice payasam, or rice kheer, is similar to a western rice pudding but is a traditional festival food from the Karalan area of South India and contains the region’s […]

Coconut ice

Considering my obsession with all things coconut, there was a certain inevitability about this recipe appearing sooner rather than later. Having grown up by the seaside, one of my earliest memories is of sitting on the […]


Perfect with a cup of strong coffee, or simply as a treat at any time, these sweet, sticky, flaky, nutty slices are quick and easy to make yet look like you’ve spent a lot of […]

Peanut butter ice cream

Combining rich cream, eggs, and peanut butter into a fun ice cream optionally topped with nut brittle will go down a treat with all your family and friends, unless they have a nut allergy, of […]

Sweet and sour fruit salad

This is a really unique and refreshing summery salad that looks harder to prepare than it really is.  Once you’ve tried it once you’ll be far more confident the next time.  The main thing is […]

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