Balsamic chicken pasta

Balsamic vinegar gives this recipe that extra special something and there are some people who love it even without the chicken. This takes your tomato pasta to new levels of culinary deliciousness.   Ingredients 14 […]

Mexican chicken and rice wraps

This Mexican chicken and rice recipe is cheesy – literally – which gives it that added twist of delicious flavour, eight little bundles of sheer heaven. While the ingredients might look a bit daunting this […]

Chunky veg chilli

This hearty vegetarian option will not disappoint those who normally have meat in their chilli. Perfect for a winter’s day, or at any time, you can certainly snuggle up in front of the television for […]

Tomato and Parmesan risotto

Risotto is one of those dishes that all good chefs are meant to have in their repertoire, but as a fan of Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef, I know it’s one of those dishes that trips […]

General Tso’s chicken

This is an incredibly simple, incredibly saucy slow cooker dish that ticks the all-important boxes of great Asian cuisine. It’s sweet, it’s spicy and it’s salty!  If you want to make it child friendly, it’s just […]

Chicken teriyaki

To my shame, the first time I experienced the joy of chicken teriyaki was quite recently, in a foot long sub at Subway! As is my wont, I immediately wanted to replicate that sweet, sticky pleasure […]

Parmesan chicken

Many of you may have noticed that a lot of my recipes are child-centric or at least child friendly. The real challenge when cooking for a family is finding something that the more choosy eaters […]

Spicy varutha kozhi chicken curry

Varutha kozhi, which means “fried chicken”, is one of the most basic and popular dishes of South India and there are many variants on the basic recipe which essentially consists of coconut and spices, the […]

Beef rendang

I had the pleasure of watching a talented chef friend cook this (and subsequently ran off with his recipe!) and he described a good beef rendang as a bit like a good risotto. I didn’t quite […]

Smoky baked cod

This is another of those incredibly simple dishes that I knock together when I want something comforting after a hard day’s work. It goes great with some salad potatoes and greens or equally as well […]

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