Chilli con carne Yorkies

I should come clean right off the bat and admit that I stole this idea shamelessly from the Great British Bake Off. A few weeks back the bakers had to make perfectly formed, identical Yorkshire […]

Sriracha chicken noodles

I was given a bottle of sriracha about a year ago as a gift and at the time thought “what do I do with this” as I’d never heard of it before.  Jump forward twelve […]

Pav bhaji

This is a really simple and warming street dish that I first discovered from a vendor on a cool evening on London’s embankment by the river.  I’d never heard of it before but it’s a […]

Parmesan pancetta orzo risotto

I was never the most adept of cooks as a student, but this was one of the few recipes I could cook to impress.  You could count the number of recipes in my repertoire on […]

Spicy Mongolian beef

This is my new favourite Asian cuisine and I’d love to be able to say that it’s from hours of slaving over a hot stove and endless experimentation. That would be a whopping great lie!  […]

Chilli coriander cod

We should certainly eat more baked fish than we probably do and finding ways of giving it a variety of flavour twists is one of the missions of The Naughty Cook. Here, the chilli and […]

Dal tadka

Dal tadka – literally a bean or pulse stew (dal) with a tempering (tadka) – is a classic Punjabi vegetarian dish and while most recipes call for one choice of pulse this one includes two […]

Crunchy Indian spiced cod fillets

This is my equivalent of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals but unlike most of Jamie’s recipes, you really don’t need any preparation, you don’t need the knife skills of a Michelin starred chef and you […]

Sumac steak

This is quite possibly the simplest steak recipe you’ll ever make, but it’s incredibly tasty and wonderfully moreish for such little effort!  I’ve only ever tried this with rump steak, but I’m sure it would […]

Murgh makhani (butter chicken)

Murgh makhani (butter chicken) In my continuing attempt to find the perfect cook-at-home Indian dish, I have probably put my life into my own hands by cooking what (I understand) is considered one of those […]

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