Crunchy Indian spiced cod fillets

This is my equivalent of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals but unlike most of Jamie’s recipes, you really don’t need any preparation, you don’t need the knife skills of a Michelin starred chef and you […]

Guinness glazed carrots

These are a great accompaniment to a Sunday roast and achingly easy to make. I’ve tried this recipe with a variety of beers (and even cider) and while my preference is a good stout, feel […]

Soy sauce

Soy sauce, a condiment quintessentially associated with Chinese cuisine, is known to have originated in China around the 2nd century CE. It is made from the fermented paste of boiled soybeans, roasted grain, brine, and […]

Ginger ale loaf cake

This is my favourite of all the soda loaf cakes within my albeit relatively small repertoire! It takes a little more time and attention than the orange or lemon versions, but it’s an incredibly light yet […]

Sin-free mini morsels

These are quite labour intensive but are really worth the effort if you want a healthy snack that feels like a real treat! I make these and put them in my daughter’s lunch box and […]

Chocolate honeycomb cookies

For anyone crazy enough to find a chocolate cookie a little simple and unsophisticated, this is a scrumptious alternative that has a wonderfully malty taste thanks to the addition of honeycomb. Of course you can buy […]

Milk chocolate chip cookies

This is my stock cookie recipe if I need to knock up something last minute. It’s great if my daughter has a friend over at short notice and is simple enough that they can help out! […]

Sumac steak

This is quite possibly the simplest steak recipe you’ll ever make, but it’s incredibly tasty and wonderfully moreish for such little effort!  I’ve only ever tried this with rump steak, but I’m sure it would […]

Strawberry and raspberry jam (jelly)

I could try and pretend that there was some great Heston Blumenthal moment here in my decision to combine strawberry and raspberry into one jam rather than keeping them segregated as seems to be the […]

Murgh makhani (butter chicken)

Murgh makhani (butter chicken) In my continuing attempt to find the perfect cook-at-home Indian dish, I have probably put my life into my own hands by cooking what (I understand) is considered one of those […]

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