Rich peanut ramen

To call this super tasty, super creamy dish ‘fusion’ would be overstepping the mark a little, but I think traditionalists might hunt me down for calling it ramen! So, let’s just say that this is my […]

Triple stack marshmallow brownies

This is a recipe I’ve been trying to perfect for some time and it has gone through a number of permutations. It started out more like a s’mores with a biscuit base, then it ended up […]

Chilli coriander cod

We should certainly eat more baked fish than we probably do and finding ways of giving it a variety of flavour twists is one of the missions of The Naughty Cook. Here, the chilli and […]

Oreo stuffed cookies

The cookie debate – butter, vegetable shortening or oil – will continue forever but for this Oreo cookie I’ve used Trex because it allows the flavour of the biscuit to really shine through! These cookies don’t […]

S’mores chewy bars

I love a traybake and I love anything s’mores and this combines the best of both! As tempting as it may be to tuck in while this is still a warm pudding, these bars really are […]

Masala aloo (Bombay potatoes)

There are plenty of different recipes for making this Indian restaurant staple but this is without doubt one of the best. Easy and relatively quick to make once you’ve boiled and prepared the potatoes, this […]

Healthy Nutella porridge

It was my daughter who named this Nutella porridge which, considering she’s something of a Nutella connoisseur, is high praise indeed! This recipe takes a little extra care so isn’t for anyone in a rush to […]

Marinara sauce

Why bother to buy a jar of marinara sauce when it is so easy to make using basic ingredients you already have in the cupboard? And you can guarantee that you have the classic recipe […]

Ginger-garlic masala paste

Many Indian recipes call for ginger-garlic paste (masala) but it is not always easy to find. You could, of course, combine equal portions of shop-bought garlic paste with ginger paste but these contain additives and […]

Dal tadka

Dal tadka – literally a bean or pulse stew (dal) with a tempering (tadka) – is a classic Punjabi vegetarian dish and while most recipes call for one choice of pulse this one includes two […]

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