Crumbly raisin and biscuit squares

This recipe takes one of the UK’s favourite commercially made biscuits and turns it into something even better and moreish. But you can try this on a variety of different biscuits to get a range […]

Hasselback potatoes

We can thank the ingenious chefs at the Restaurant Hasselbacken in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, for coming up with this idea in the 1940s. Hasselbackspotatis were an instant hit with the Swedes and eventually emigrated to […]


Why buy fudge when it’s so much better home-made? This basic recipe couldn’t be more easy and quick and makes a perfect gift for birthdays or other special occasions should you need one for someone […]

Sweet spicy marinated chicken

This deliciously sweet glaze will spice up chicken drumsticks a treat. You can serve them as party snacks just on their own or as part of a more substantial meal if you serve them with […]

Lasagne or lasagna

A lasagne (or lasagna in the USA) is the equivalent of a culinary hug. It’s a dish that subconsciously speaks “this is me taking care of you”. In any fortnight, one in seven Americans will […]

Nutty-licious bites

These quick and easy snacks are little balls of healthy goodness rich with nutritional value as well as tasty. And if that ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates is to be believed they could also be of […]

Seraphina’s snacktime flapjack

These delicious flapjacks are a healthy snacktime option and a favourite with my daughter and my wife, which is why I hardly ever get the chance to eat them myself! The coconut flour and the […]

Peanut butter ice cream

Combining rich cream, eggs, and peanut butter into a fun ice cream optionally topped with nut brittle will go down a treat with all your family and friends, unless they have a nut allergy, of […]

Owl moulds

Silicon owl moulds which can be easily bought from Amazon and other online retailers (see Links below) are useful and versatile to add to your collection of kitchen equipment, especially if you have parties for […]

Catalan tomato on toast

Do we really need a recipe for this? Probably not, but here’s one that gives this most basic of dishes that extra twist of taste helping to make your humble tomato on toast stand out […]

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