Ten minute mac ‘n’ cheese

Ten Minute Mac 'n' Cheese

For anyone who has seen my cheat’s macaroni cheese recipe, you’ll know that this is my daughter’s favourite dish.

I made the mistake of asking her what she wanted for dinner the other evening (as a treat now and again I let her choose exactly what she’d like and she’s sensible enough not to ask for ice cream or cookies!) and just as expected, she asked for mac ‘n’ cheese.  At which point I made the terrible discovery that I didn’t have all the ingredients.

Not wanting to disappoint her, I threw together this achingly simple three ingredient version which was on the table being devoured in ten minutes!   Thankfully, I’d made a big enough portion that both she and her little brother could have seconds because it went down a treat and is probably my new go to mac n cheese recipe.  The portion here is enough for two hungry children with enough for seconds, so if it’s for a family you might want to double the quantities.

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Cook the macaroni according to packet instructions.

Drain the pasta and return to the pan with the cheese and give a good stir until the cheese has melted and coated the pasta with a delicious, unctuous cheese sauce!

And you’re done!  It really is that simple!

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