Gochujang roast potatoes

Gochujang roast potatoes This gochujang roast potatoes recipe was inspired by my success with Marmite roast potatoes. I thought that as it had worked well there is should also work by substituting gochujang for the […]

Marmite roast potatoes

I’m not sure how most people make new culinary discoveries, but mine usually come when I’m in a rush; and these Marmite roast potatoes are a perfect example. I wanted to do something a little […]

Crispy Parmesan potatoes

Complete credit for this absolutely delicious recipe has to go to my sister who has managed to trump my own parmesan potato recipe! For anyone who has tried that recipe here (spicy parmesan potatoes) I […]

Indian spiced roast chicken

This one’s a real crowd pleaser that tastes as good as it looks. The list of ingredients might look a little overwhelming at first, but this really is a very simple dish that knocks a […]

Sweet spicy marinated chicken

This deliciously sweet glaze will spice up chicken drumsticks a treat. You can serve them as party snacks just on their own or as part of a more substantial meal if you serve them with […]

Crushed garlic potatoes

These are an incredible taste hit with a wonderfully moreish, soft texture.  I often make these as a side to a main meal, but they’re great if you’re having nibbles with some friends and work […]

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