Carnation fudge

Carnation fudge I have tried dozens of different fudge recipes over the years but the only one that gets top marks in my household is the one I call Carnation fudge because it uses a […]

Indonesian turkey stir-fry

Indonesian turkey stir-fry What makes this Indonesian turkey stir-fry such a hit is the marinade which will also work well with other meats. Turkey, being a healthier option but with a tendency to be rather […]

Chewy toffee

Chewy toffee I decided to try my hand at chewy toffee after experimenting with my crumbles recipes.  Some of them don’t work quite so well with my current caramel.  Because the contents of some of […]

Salted caramel pancakes

Salted caramel pancakes I can’t really take any credit for this salted caramel pancakes recipe.  In truth, they should really be called Joe & Seph’s salted caramel pancakes.  I’m not in the habit of promoting […]

Easy pancakes

Easy pancakes A recipe for basic, easy pancakes is always good to have, especially if you’re trying this out for the first time. Once you become proficient and confident with this recipe you’ll probably want […]

Buttermilk pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes This recipe for buttermilk pancakes uses the American way of serving them, topped with rashers of streaky bacon glazed with maple syrup. Of course, don’t have to use the bacon and maple syrup […]

Green pesto

Green pesto Homemade green pesto is so easy and quick there really is no excuse for buying it in expensive jars. The one advantage the jar has is that it’s very convenient when you just […]

Tamarind chicken

Tamarind chicken Ayam sioh, or tamarind chicken, is from the Nyonya cuisine of Malaysia and Indonesia, a blend of Chinese food and Malay spices, developed by the Chinese who migrated to Penang, Malacca, and Singapore. […]

Leek potato soup

Leek potato soup This leek potato soup is another of those recipes that has evolved over time.  It used to consist of only three ingredients.  But on each occasion I’ve made it I’ve toyed with the […]

Tuna pasta bake

Tuna pasta bake A classic and heart-warming family favourite, tuna pasta bake is one of those easy all-in-one dishes you can put together quickly and then pop in the oven to finish off. There are […]

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