Chilli coriander cod

We should certainly eat more baked fish than we probably do and finding ways of giving it a variety of flavour twists is one of the missions of The Naughty Cook. Here, the chilli and […]

Crunchy Indian spiced cod fillets

This is my equivalent of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals but unlike most of Jamie’s recipes, you really don’t need any preparation, you don’t need the knife skills of a Michelin starred chef and you […]

Smoky baked cod

This is another of those incredibly simple dishes that I knock together when I want something comforting after a hard day’s work. It goes great with some salad potatoes and greens or equally as well […]

Baked cod with lemon breadcrumbs

Baking cod is one of the fastest and simplest ways of serving up this fish, especially if you are cooking for several people (just increase the quantities accordingly and make sure the cod fillets are […]

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