Birthday cupcakes

My daughter decided this year that she wanted a birthday cake that her friends could decorate. Considering that I’d been up until 5am completing the decoration for the previous year’s cake the thought of her friends […]

Vegetarian cottage pie

Here’s a meat-free cottage pie packed full of healthy goodness. Lentils are here used as a great alternative to minced beef and the reduction in protein is made up by the addition of cheddar cheese. […]

Vegetarian chickpea curry

For anyone who knows me, my idea of vegetarian cuisine is chocolate and cookies. My wife is a keen veggie so I am always actively on the hunt for dishes that will satisfy our collective appetites. The […]

Cheese omelette

A perfect omelette is one of those under appreciated wonders of life and as the health debate tells us that neither eggs nor cheese are the enemy anymore, and we can enjoy them to our […]

Energy bites

These are perfect for a long walk or a picnic, and, like their cousin the saint truffle, contain no refined sugar but use coconut flakes (rather than desiccated) to add a little extra texture. Thanks to […]

Banana pecan loaf

This is a staple in our household that often comes out when friends are visiting. The bananas give it a wonderfully moist, rich texture that also feels relatively guilt free (it probably even counts towards your […]

Pork in cider

This is a simple dish for a rainy Sunday afternoon and goes well with a plate of simple greens and some crispy, golden baked potatoes. It’s the kind of thing my father used to love, bold […]

Parmesan tenderstem broccoli

This is an incredibly simple side dish that adds some pizzazz to your five a day and works brilliantly with fish. You’ll want to make sure that the broccoli isn’t too soft or it will break […]

Honey and thyme Chantenay carrots

This is a ridiculously simple recipe and one that is most likely to get children eating their carrots, should that be a problem. Sweet carrots are made even sweeter by cooking in honeyed water blended […]

Baked cod with lemon breadcrumbs

Baking cod is one of the fastest and simplest ways of serving up this fish, especially if you are cooking for several people (just increase the quantities accordingly and make sure the cod fillets are […]

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