Garlic pasta with breadcrumbs

Google is a wondrous thing! I hate waste and had some bread that was on its last legs and some parsley that wasn’t going to see out the week. Having decided that parsley on toast wasn’t going […]

Toasted fluffatella

I couldn’t possibly include a recipe for the humble fluffernutter without giving a mention to it’s bigger and naughtier brother, the fluffatella. Just like the fluffernutter sandwich, this takes on a whole new level when toasted. […]

Toasted fluffernutter

I’ll be honest, this is a little bit dirty and you’ll need to keep a napkin nearby. I’m amazed that anyone hasn’t tried a flufferernutter, let alone heard of one, but outside of the US it […]

Vegetable and barley soup

This is a heart-warming and comforting soup that delivers a high degree of nutritional value to make you feel both good and healthy. Who needs expensive goji berries when pearl barley packs exactly the same […]

Italian one-pan feast

Here’s a recipe to calm the nerves, if you believe the tales of ancient Greek wives. But more importantly, nothing could be less stressful than assembling this simple dish for a family supper or for […]

Jammy thumbprint cookies

These are a great simple sweet treat for the kids and are a breeze to make. They look great filling up a table at a birthday party or at a picnic. They’re surprisingly light and I think […]

Spicy Parmesan potatoes

Here’s a quick, easy, and delicious way of spicing up potatoes, especially if you’ve got some going spare and you don’t know what to do with them. These are fine as a snack on their […]

Chocolate Easter egg nests

Children will love giving you a hand in making these during the Easter holidays. They are very simple and easy to make and look great. They will get a real sense of pride in having […]

Nutty-licious bites

These quick and easy snacks are little balls of healthy goodness rich with nutritional value as well as tasty. And if that ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates is to be believed they could also be of […]

Seraphina’s snacktime flapjack

These delicious flapjacks are a healthy snacktime option and a favourite with my daughter and my wife, which is why I hardly ever get the chance to eat them myself! The coconut flour and the […]

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