One-pan Italian chicken and rice

This is another of those dishes that has gone through a considerable amount of trial and error until we have the recipe that you see here.  It’s a subtle but simple dish that’s family friendly […]

Roasted red pepper chicken pasta

This is one of those simple pasta dishes which is full of flavour but dead easy to knock together, especially if you’ve got a food processor handy. Ingredients  8¾ ounces / 250g pasta 1 tablespoon […]

Chicken adobo

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be becoming pretty clear now, that I watch far too many cookery shows on TV! Rarely a day goes by when I don’t have one playing in the background […]

Sriracha chicken noodles

I was given a bottle of sriracha about a year ago as a gift and at the time thought “what do I do with this” as I’d never heard of it before.  Jump forward twelve […]

Rich peanut ramen

To call this super tasty, super creamy dish ‘fusion’ would be overstepping the mark a little, but I think traditionalists might hunt me down for calling it ramen! So, let’s just say that this is my […]

Murgh makhani (butter chicken)

Murgh makhani (butter chicken) In my continuing attempt to find the perfect cook-at-home Indian dish, I have probably put my life into my own hands by cooking what (I understand) is considered one of those […]

Balsamic chicken pasta

Balsamic vinegar gives this recipe that extra special something and there are some people who love it even without the chicken. This takes your tomato pasta to new levels of culinary deliciousness.   Ingredients 14 […]

Mexican chicken and rice wraps

This Mexican chicken and rice recipe is cheesy – literally – which gives it that added twist of delicious flavour, eight little bundles of sheer heaven. While the ingredients might look a bit daunting this […]

General Tso’s chicken

This is an incredibly simple, incredibly saucy slow cooker dish that ticks the all-important boxes of great Asian cuisine. It’s sweet, it’s spicy and it’s salty!  If you want to make it child friendly, it’s just […]

Chicken teriyaki

To my shame, the first time I experienced the joy of chicken teriyaki was quite recently, in a foot long sub at Subway! As is my wont, I immediately wanted to replicate that sweet, sticky pleasure […]

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