Coconut and raspberry squares

This is one of those recipes that does exactly as it says on the tin! Coconut and raspberry is one of my favourite flavour combinations and this reminds me of a childhood treat that my parents […]

Easy blueberry muffins

This easy recipe for scrumptious blueberry muffins will take you about 15 minutes to prepare and will result in about 12 paper cases worth of heaven. It’s so easy you could even get the children […]

Chocolate orange éclairs

The French word éclair means “flash of lightning” and these ever popular pastries consisting of cream-felled choux pastry with a rich topping were so called because they disappeared down people’s throats as quick as lightning […]

Birthday cupcakes

My daughter decided this year that she wanted a birthday cake that her friends could decorate. Considering that I’d been up until 5am completing the decoration for the previous year’s cake the thought of her friends […]

Banana pecan loaf

This is a staple in our household that often comes out when friends are visiting. The bananas give it a wonderfully moist, rich texture that also feels relatively guilt free (it probably even counts towards your […]

New York cheesecake

My recent success with a tarte au citron emboldened me to try one of my other favourite recipes, the good old New York Cheesecake. Most of my favourite memories of holidays and trips abroad  revolve around […]

Chewy s’mores bars

There was something a little carefree and playful in this recipe. I knew my daughter wanted to make me something for Father’s Day so I suggested that rather than her do it by herself we did […]

Coconut caramel crumble bar

It’s a fact of life that any successful recipe will eventually fall prey to my “maybe it will be better with coconut” philosophy. Because everything is improved with coconut. Or bacon. Or cinnamon. In fact, the perfect recipe would […]

Chewy caramel oatmeal crumbles

There’s no other word for it, these are awesome! These lovely chewy, gooey, chocolaty, caramel-rich squares are thanks to a baking disaster (as I think a lot of great food discoveries are down the years!) A […]

Chocolate Easter egg nests

Children will love giving you a hand in making these during the Easter holidays. They are very simple and easy to make and look great. They will get a real sense of pride in having […]

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