Salted caramel pancakes

Salted caramel pancakes I can’t really take any credit for this salted caramel pancakes recipe.  In truth, they should really be called Joe & Seph’s salted caramel pancakes.  I’m not in the habit of promoting […]

Easy pancakes

Easy pancakes A recipe for basic, easy pancakes is always good to have, especially if you’re trying this out for the first time. Once you become proficient and confident with this recipe you’ll probably want […]

Buttermilk pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes This recipe for buttermilk pancakes uses the American way of serving them, topped with rashers of streaky bacon glazed with maple syrup. Of course, don’t have to use the bacon and maple syrup […]

Jaffa Cake toast

Jaffa Cake toast Inspiration for this Jaffa Cake toast is wholly thanks to Jaz and Jul’s in Islington.  I’d never thought of putting these flavours together on toast before, but it makes so much sense!  […]

Traditional Kedgeree

Traditional Kedgeree Historically, kedgeree was a rice and bean dish that the British came across on India, known as khichari. By the time it had been transported back home kedgeree had changed dramatically and now […]

Pizza waffles

Pizza waffles Despite the name, these pizza waffles are a wholly British affair!  Not to be mistaken with the waffle made from batter and enjoyed as a dessert, the good old Bird’s Eye frozen potato […]

Cherry Coke ham

Cherry Coke ham This recipe for Cherry Coke ham was first made popular by the celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, although here we have left out the cloves (the family doesn’t like them) and we have […]

Freeze dried cranberries

Cranberries are the red-coloured fruit of the cranberry shrub, a low, creeping evergreen bush or vine native to a number of countries in North and South America, Central and Northern Europe. They are a major commercial crop […]

Healthy Nutella porridge

It was my daughter who named this Nutella porridge which, considering she’s something of a Nutella connoisseur, is high praise indeed! This recipe takes a little extra care so isn’t for anyone in a rush to […]

Good granola

I’d quite happily eat granola any time of the day (indeed, I’ve been known to enjoy a bowl of Frosties or Shreddies as dessert!) That said, some of the shop bought varieties are so sugar-laden […]

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