Cranberry and white chocolate cookies

It’s probably heresy to admit to having a penchant for a Millie’s Cookie, but I find them irresistible. For me, they have the perfect texture, the perfect buttery taste and they’re also pleasing to the eye! I’ve […]

Raisins and oatmeal cookies

This is a kind of cross between our oatmeal and raisin cookies and our devil’s chocolate chip cookies. All three are quick and easy and devilishly delicious.   Ingredients 4¾ ounces / 135g unsalted butter […]

Devil’s chocolate chip cookies

These are devilishly delicious! I’ve seen numerous cookie recipes over the years with bread flour added in place of regular flour, the reasoning being that it increases the inner chew and outer crisp.  I don’t […]

St Clement biscuits

For something quite sophisticated, these are incredibly moreish!    It’s rare that I cook a biscuit because I always prefer a soft, chewy cookie, but these are so crisp, so crumbly, with the perfect balance […]

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