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Spicy mushroom noodles

Sriracha is such a wonderful punch of flavour that it can turn the most humble of dishes into a memorable taste. Here, an ordinary dish of mushrooms and noodles gets the sriacha twist along with some other ingredients to bring out the best of the flavour. Once you have all the ingredients prepared this is a quick, easy, and healthy stir-fry that everyone will love.




Heat the oil in a large wok and add the onion and mushrooms, stir frying for 3-4 minutes until soft.

Add the garlic and stir fry for another minute.

Add the soy, sriracha and sugar with a good bit of seasoning and stir well to combine.

Add the noodles and keep stirring until they have separated and are coated in the veg and sauce.

Add both eggs and stir through until they have scrambled and coated the noodles.

Finally, add the coriander and give a good stir until everything is fully combined.

Serve with the cashews and spring onions as a dressing.