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Sin-free mini morsels

These are quite labour intensive but are really worth the effort if you want a healthy snack that feels like a real treat! I make these and put them in my daughter’s lunch box and they’re a darned sight healthier than a bag of Haribo while being just as tasty in my opinion.




Put all of the ingredients into a food processor (except the coconut flour) and blitz until everything is coming together.  Stop regularly to scrape any unmixed ingredients from the sides and bottom.

On your work surface lay out 3 dishes – a small wide bowl (containing your coconut flour), a small teacup sized dish and another larger dish to store your finished morsels.

Take your blitzed ingredients and roll them into Malteser (or grape for anyone who doesn’t know what a Malteser is!) sized balls.

Roll each one in the coconut flour until fully coated, tap gently on the small dish to remove any excess flour before placing on your large dish.

Repeat with the remaining morsels.  Every now and again you can tip the excess flour that collects in your teacup sized dish back in with the rest of the flour.

Although these do keep (and can even be frozen) they are nicest eaten on the day as the coconut flour does devour moisture over time and will lose its powdery consistency.


Coconut nectar comes from the tree itself and not the coconuts it produces. When the tree is “tapped” it produces a naturally sweet, nutrient-rich sap with 17 amino acids, vitamin C, and a broad range of vitamin B. Coconut nectar can be used on a one-to-one basis to replace any liquid sweetener in a recipe.