Salted caramel pancakes

Salted Caramel Pancakes

Salted caramel pancakes

I can’t really take any credit for this salted caramel pancakes recipe.  In truth, they should really be called Joe & Seph’s salted caramel pancakes.  I’m not in the habit of promoting others’ products.  Indeed, I don’t get anything in return.   Nor am I sponsored to do so!  This is just a case of an honest wow moment.

I’ve never tried salted caramel pancakes before.   But I was doing a little testing before Shrove Tuesday.  My daughter has a friend round this Pancake Day to make pancakes so I wanted to get some practice in!  It occurred to me that salted caramel should be a great accompaniment to a pancake.  So I determined to make some homemade salted caramel sauce.  Fishing around my cupboards I found this little jar which my wife bought at Christmas.  It was clearly put away and forgotten about.  Until now.  Before making my own sauce I thought I’d try some pancakes with Joe and Seph’s sauce, just to see how well it worked.  The answer was wow.  Just wow!

In short, I’ve decided not to make my own sauce.  I really can’t better this.  I usually complain that the balance of sweet and salted in salted caramel just isn’t right.  But this is perfect.  So, for my recipe for salted caramel pancakes, I’ve provided a slight cheat.  My pancakes recipe.  Plus a jar of Joe & Seph’s award-winning salted caramel sauce!

All you need to do is follow the recipe for buttermilk pancakes but leave out the ingredients and method for the glazed bacon topping and instead use a jar of Joe & Seph’s saled caramel.

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