Rice bran oil

Rice Bran Oil

Extracted from the hard outer brown layer of the rice husk after it has been chaffed, rice bran oil is notable for both its mild flavour and its high smoke point (232°C / 450°F) which makes it ideal for high-temperature cooking methods such as stir-frying and deep-frying. For this reason it is particularly popular in many Asian countries such as China, India, Japan, and Bangladesh.

Rice bran oil has a similar composition to peanut oil, having 38% monounsaturated, 37% polyunsaturated, and 25% saturated fatty acids.

Considered one of the healthiest of the cooking oils, it has been dubbed the “heart-friendly oil” because it is thought to lower cholesterol. The American Heart Association and the the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend it as the best as the best choice for improving blood cholesterol levels. Also, food cooked at very high temperatures absorb less oil, and rice bran oil is good at not sticking to food, being less viscous than other oils, making food feel less oily on the tongue. It contains high levels of natural antioxidants which can boost metabolic rate and help reduce weight. Rich in vitamin E, it also contains the compound squalene which is easily absorbed by the skin, helping to keep it  soft, supple, and smooth.

Finally, it also has a long shelf life.

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