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A Microplane® is one of the must-have tools in a modern kitchen and the fine grade version (shown here) is ideal for zesting citrus or grating parmesan or ginger. The story behind the woodworking tool company, Grace Manufacturing Inc., expanding into kitchen equipment goes back to a good old fashioned kitchen ‘incident’. A Canadian housewife was making an orange cake and, out of frustration with her old grater, she had the left-field idea of using one of her husband’s woodworking tools. She slid the orange over the blades and was amazed to see lacy shards of zest falling to surface like snowflakes. The discovery laid the foundation for the international success of Microplane® kitchen graters as restaurants and home kitchens snapped up the tool.

Microplane® have continued to develop the science and technology behind the kitchen version using a chemical process to create ultra sharp cutting edges rather than the traditional stamped out graters. (They have also expanded into specialist graters for the feet and skin generally.) The process involves photo etching steel.

Microplane® kitchen tools come in a range of series including the original tools, the gourmet series, the professional series, the new elite series (elegantly styled), the new home series, the speciality series, and the easy prep series. For a look at the complete range, visit Microplane® Kitchen.

The tools are extremely sharp. They are available through many outlets including Amazon and (in the UK) John Lewis and Lakeland.

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