Mega s’mores

Mega S'mores

Sometimes simple really is best. We had the perfect day planned for a BBQ and some fun with our entire family in the garden when the good old English weather decided to intervene. Undeterred, I decided to cobble together some s’mores and stick them under the grill and everyone quickly forgot about the rain! These couldn’t be easier and boy are they amazing!

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  • mega marshmallows
  • milk chocolate (see Tips below)
  • digestive biscuits


Stick a digestive biscuit on some foil under the grill, add a layer of milk chocolate (see Tips below) and then plonk a mega marshmallow on top.

Put another digestive beside it and then heat everything on a low light under the grill until the marshmallow is beginning to brown.

Remove from the grill, add some more chocolate on top of your marshmallow and squish down with your now warm other digestive.

Enjoy with some baby wipes nearby because things are about to get delicious and very messy!


I use Cadbury’s Dairy Milk but even cook’s chocolate chips would do.


S’more is a contraction of the words “some more”. The origin of this use in connection with a particular type of food is unclear but it is known to have been in use by scouts in the USA out camping by around 1925. A recipe named Graham Cracker Sandwich appeared in a 1920s publication by the Campfire Marshmallows company which is more or less a s’more, but the text makes it clear the snack was already popular with scouts. The first definite reference to a recipe called Some More appeared in the 1927 edition of Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. And in 1938 the contracted form S’more appeared in a publication aimed at summer camps. In the 1993 movie, The Sandlot, Hamilton ‘Ham’ Porter explains to Scotty ‘Smalls’ Smalls how to make a s’more out of “grahams, mallows, and chocolates”.

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