Kahlua hot chocolate

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Kahlua hot chocolate

Calling this Kahlua hot chocolate “super indulgent” is a bit like calling the sky blue.  By its very nature, hot chocolate is indulgent, but I’ve really outdone myself here!  As I write this, it’s a cold, grey day in merry old England and while I’d often treat myself to a hot chocolate in my local Costa to make myself feel a little better (especially as they have a rather exciting toasted marshmallow variety right now!) and get rid of those winter blues, I knew today that just wouldn’t cut it.

For anyone who has tried my Lush hot chocolate with rum, you’ll know that I like a slug of alcohol just to give it some oomph.  But today I was on a mission to create a hot chocolate where the balance of flavours, of chocolate and sweet reminded me of an alcohol infused mocha.   I rarely use the Kahlua sitting on my kitchen shelf, so, although my instinct was to create an actual mocha with some rum, I thought I could make something a little more naughty!  Enter this recipe!

The result is something deliciously sweet and chocolatey with the perfect kick of alcohol.  I used Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for this recipe just to give it that sweet creaminess, but you can use any chocolate of your choice and if you want it a little less sweet then it would definitely work with a good, bitter dark chocolate.

For me, this is perfect!

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  • 3¾ ounces / 110g Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate
  • 1¾ fluid ounces / 50ml double cream
  • 3½ fluid ounces / 100ml Kahlua
  • 7 fluid ounces / 200ml whole milk


Put all of the ingredients in a small saucepan, breaking your chocolate into squares.  Heat until just starting to boil and then reduce to a good simmer.

Let bubble away for 5 minutes, stirring regularly (I use a whisk).

Serve with toppings of your choice, although it’s perfect as it is.  Serves 2.

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