Jammy mega s’mores

Jammy Mega S'mores

After the roaring success of my mega s’mores, I decided to go a little retro and try and recreate the flavour of one of my favourite childhood treats, a jammy Wagon Wheel! This really couldn’t be any simpler and while messing with the original s’mores recipe is probably considered heresy by some, I think you’ll love this!

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  • mega marshmallows
  • milk chocolate (see Tips below)
  • digestive biscuits
  • raspberry jam


Stick a digestive biscuit on some foil under the grill, add a layer of milk chocolate (see Tips below) and then plonk a mega marshmallow on top.

Put another digestive beside it with a liberal coating of raspberry jam and then heat everything on a low light under the grill until the marshmallow is beginning to brown.

Remove from the grill and sandwich your jammy digestive on top of your marshmallow and squish down.

Bon appetit!


I use Cadbury’s Dairy Milk but even cook’s chocolate chips would do.


Waggon Wheels – the snack – were created by Gary Weston, the son of W. Garfield Weston. He worked for his father’s business in Australia before taking over the firm’s operations in the United Kingdom. Picking of the wild west theme which was popular at the time, they were originally launched as Weston Waggon Wheels at the 1948 Olympia Food Fair. The factory that produced them was based in Slough where Weston had been manufacturing biscuits since 1934. In the 1980s, production was transferred to a more modern factory in Llantarnam, South Wales.

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