Jaffa Cake toast

Jaffa Cake Toast

Jaffa Cake toast

Inspiration for this Jaffa Cake toast is wholly thanks to Jaz and Jul’s in Islington.  I’d never thought of putting these flavours together on toast before, but it makes so much sense!  We have marmalade in our food cupboard.  We have chocolate spread in our food cupboard.  Why I’ve never thought of putting them together before (considering how much we all love Jaffa Cakes in our house) I’ve no idea!

But having enjoyed the Jaffa Cake toast concoction on the menu at Jaz and Jul’s Chocolate House, when it came to giving ourselves a little treat at the weekend I suddenly thought … “why not try a homemade version!”

Now the original was served to me on sourdough and the chocolate came in chunks!  But for a Saturday morning treat (we avoid sugary breakfasts throughout the week) I wanted something a little simpler and a little less indulgent.  So I decided to use chocolate spread instead of real chocolate.  I know Jaffa Cakes are generally enjoyed with dark chocolate, but I tried both a dark chocolate (sauce) and milk chocolate (spread) which we had in our kitchen and everyone to a man, woman and child preferred the milk chocolate version.  Perhaps because it was early in the morning!

In any case, it’s the tastiest and most simply genius breakfast you’ll ever have!

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  • Good quality white bread, sliced
  • marmalade
  • chocolate spread


Toast the bread.

Spread liberally with marmalade.

Meanwhile, warm up some chocolate spread in the microwave and when everything’s ready, drizzle it over your marmalade toast with a spoon.

Enjoy the sweet, tangy taste of Jaffa Cake toast!


Jaffa Cakes are biscuit-sized cakes first introduced in the UK by McVitie and Price in 1927. They were named after the Jaffa oranges used as an ingredient. There has always been a lively debate as to whether they are strictly speaking a biscuit or a cake. With the introduction of Value Added Tax, this became a legal hot potato for fiscal purposes. In 1991, a VAT tribunal found in favour of McVitie’s declaring the Jaffa Cake to be a cake for tax purposes. In 2012, they were ranked the best selling cake (or biscuit) in the UK.

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