Christmas cake icing

Christmas Cake Icing

Christmas cake icing

This Christmas cake icing is a traditional recipe ideally to go with my super fruity Christmas cake. So while you could use it on any cake, please bear in mind that the quantities here are for a cake of that size.

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The amounts here are for the super fruity Christmas cake.

Christmas Cake Icing


Put the apricot jam in a small saucepan over a low heat and warm, stirring constantly, until you have a smooth sauce-like consistency.

Using a pastry brush, coat your cake with the jam.

Christmas Cake Icing

Dust a clean work top with icing sugar and roll out your marzipan until about 3mm or 1/10th inch thick (I draw a line on a cocktail stick 3mm from its tip and use this as my guide).

Layer your rolled marzipan over your cake and press against it so that it adheres to the jam.  To get a smooth, even layer (without ruffles) it’s easier to do this on a cake turntable, constantly turning and pressing down from the top slightly until you finally reach the bottom.

Cut off any excess marzipan and discard.

Clean your work surface (if you’ve used yellow marzipan – I always use white marzipan so I can continue without the need for cleaning my work surface as you don’t have to worry about yellow residue) and add some more icing sugar before rolling out your icing to 3mm or 1/10th inch thickness.

Place this over your marzipan coated cake and press against your cake as before until you have a smooth even layer.  Cut off any excess.

You can decorate to your preference and even use pre bought decorations from the store, but I prefer to wrap some ribbon round the base (I use edible glue to stick the ribbon ends together) and then dot the cake with green and red (as shown) using coloured decorating pens from the store.

Christmas Cake Icing

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