Choccywoccydoodah London

Choccywoccydoodah London

30-32 Fouberts Place, Carnaby, W1F 7PS

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 12pm – 5pm


0207 734 9713

For many, the term chocolatier evokes images of delicacies lined up with military exactitude and stores that look like the brainchild of Patrick Batemen; but stepping into the London branch of Choccywoccydoodah is an altogether more informal experience.

If Willy Wonky had a wayward twin with a penchant for the burlesque, then this would be his Nirvana.  There’s a slight sense of anarchy within the ground floor store and rather than feeling obliged to remove your shoes and talk in hushed tones, this is a place where everyone oohs and ahhs at the impressive masterpieces on display.  Here, chocolates aren’t made with the precision of a sociopath, but are conjured by people who are still, thankfully, in close touch with their inner child.  Popcorn and marshmallow lollypops the size of dinner plates vie for space with chocolate skulls and ornate edible sculptures several feet high.  There’s a distinct sense of naughty fun wherever you look, right down to the décor of the restrooms.

The theme continues as you climb the stairs to the grandly named Bar Du Chocolat whose cake display is reminiscent of a Tim Burton tea room.  It’s open, inviting and pleasantly unassuming; as is the service.  Indeed, everyone who works within Choccywoccydoodah’s walls seems to bubble with an infectious enthusiasm.  It’s also a surprisingly civilised venue considering the proximity of Regent Street.  It’s easy to forget you’re only a stone’s throw from London’s impatient hustle and bustle.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, the menu (boasting an exciting array of homemade cakes, brownies, milkshakes and specialities) offers some agonisingly tough choices.  Having sampled the coconut and almond cake, sufficiently generous to feed two (served with ice cream and coulis) the big decision of the day was white, milk or dark hot chocolate,  each made with milk and “pure molten chocolate”.  It would have been churlish to sample anything other than the menu’s premium option, described quite accurately as ‘The Most Decadent Drinking Chocolate’ which, with the inclusion of fudge, whipped cream, chocolate straws and a variety of Choccywoccydoodah’s homemade treats was, like everything else here, bountiful and beautiful to look at (and perfect for Instagram or Pinterest fanatics).

Choccywoccydoodah London

Having selected the milk chocolate option, the reward was sweet, rich and thoroughly indulgent.  If any were needed, Choccywoccydoodah is a perfect illustration that a knockout hot chocolate isn’t just about what’s in the mug, but – like afternoon tea at the Ritz – it’s about the entire experience.  The combination of a wholly unique ambience, welcoming customer service and faultless concoctions makes this a must visit.  This should be on the list of everyone’s favourite places in London.

Ratings out of 3

Hot chocolate ***
Value for money ***
Service ***


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