S’Mores NaughtyStack

S’Mores NaughtyStack The current food fads seem to be for things that only an Olympic athlete or Arnie could polish off and the S’mores NaughtyStack is right up there with the best of them . The very idea […]

Indian choc chip and mint freakshake

Well, everyone has been doing it and I’ve been just desperate to try one too! Whenever I go for an Indian meal the accompanying dessert options are invariably a little uninspiring. Simple ice creams intended to refresh […]

Cheese omelette

A perfect omelette is one of those under appreciated wonders of life and as the health debate tells us that neither eggs nor cheese are the enemy anymore, and we can enjoy them to our […]

Energy bites

These are perfect for a long walk or a picnic, and, like their cousin the saint truffle, contain no refined sugar but use coconut flakes (rather than desiccated) to add a little extra texture. Thanks to […]

Chewy saint truffles

These are called chewy saint truffles for the simple reason that they’re a sinless alternative to your usual snacks and nibbles, containing no refined sugar but still satisfying that sweet craving! When they first come together […]

Onion bhaji

The classic starter in an Indian restaurant, the top comfort food in India during the monsoons, and an ever-popular item on street food stalls, the humble onion bhaji has become internationally one of the most […]


Perfect with a cup of strong coffee, or simply as a treat at any time, these sweet, sticky, flaky, nutty slices are quick and easy to make yet look like you’ve spent a lot of […]

Super chewy florentines

Delia Smith thinks these are the best biscuits in the world, but you also need to heed the words of baking guru Annie Bell: “Florentines aren’t the simplest of biscuits, which is why I tend […]

Coconut caramel crumble bar

It’s a fact of life that any successful recipe will eventually fall prey to my “maybe it will be better with coconut” philosophy. Because everything is improved with coconut. Or bacon. Or cinnamon. In fact, the perfect recipe would […]

Toasted fluffatella

I couldn’t possibly include a recipe for the humble fluffernutter without giving a mention to it’s bigger and naughtier brother, the fluffatella. Just like the fluffernutter sandwich, this takes on a whole new level when toasted. […]

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