Salted caramel and chocolate cookies

Salted caramel is a culinary magic made in heaven which has presidential approval (see Trivia below), yet strangely our obsession with it is relatively new. Since it became widely popular you can find it popping […]

Oreo stuffed cookies

The cookie debate – butter, vegetable shortening or oil – will continue forever but for this Oreo cookie I’ve used Trex because it allows the flavour of the biscuit to really shine through! These cookies don’t […]

Chocolate honeycomb cookies

For anyone crazy enough to find a chocolate cookie a little simple and unsophisticated, this is a scrumptious alternative that has a wonderfully malty taste thanks to the addition of honeycomb. Of course you can buy […]

Milk chocolate chip cookies

This is my stock cookie recipe if I need to knock up something last minute. It’s great if my daughter has a friend over at short notice and is simple enough that they can help out! […]

Peanut M&M cookies

I’ve been tinkering with a peanut M&M’s® cookie recipe for some time. I’d been trying to make a peanut butter cookie dough as the most obvious accompaniment but finally resolved that the flavour of the M&M’s® […]

Pink Lady cookies

These are actually a variation on a favourite muffin recipe, believe it or not. If I want to knock up a quick pudding for visitors, cookies are always my go to recipe and I just […]

Devil’s triple chocolate chunk cookies

I have previously claimed that my Devil’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best cookie you’ll ever eat. Well, I’m here to eat humble pie and tell you that they’re actually the second best cookie you’ll ever […]

All butter shortbread fingers

There are many ways of making shortbread but nothing beats a simple traditional Scottish recipe using just one part sugar to two parts butter and three parts plain white wheat flour. Shortbread is always cooked at […]

Triple chocolate cookies

I like chocolate. I like cookies. Why I haven’t made triple chocolate cookies before is beyond me! There’s nothing smart or sophisticated about this recipe, I just wanted to make something decadent with a truly chocolatey hit. And […]

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