Carnation fudge

Carnation fudge I have tried dozens of different fudge recipes over the years but the only one that gets top marks in my household is the one I call Carnation fudge because it uses a […]

Chewy toffee

Chewy toffee I decided to try my hand at chewy toffee after experimenting with my crumbles recipes.  Some of them don’t work quite so well with my current caramel.  Because the contents of some of […]

Traditional Scottish vanilla tablet

Traditional Scottish vanilla tablet Not to be confused with fudge, but which it resembles, traditional Scottish vanilla tablet is more crumbly and sugary in texture – not as soft as fudge, not as chewy as […]

Gooey Nutella marshmallows

Aside from the lack of bacon, this has all of my favourite things!  Nutella, tick!  Coconut, tick!  What’s not to like? These were made for a friend who is a regular recipient of my coconut […]

Chocolate fudge

I hadn’t realized that fudge was such an important subject until I posted my simple fudge recipe. Although one of my most popular recipes, some traditional fudge enthusiasts were quick to point out that by using […]


Why buy fudge when it’s so much better home-made? This basic recipe couldn’t be more easy and quick and makes a perfect gift for birthdays or other special occasions should you need one for someone […]

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