Vegetarian cottage pie

Here’s a meat-free cottage pie packed full of healthy goodness. Lentils are here used as a great alternative to minced beef and the reduction in protein is made up by the addition of cheddar cheese. […]

Vegetarian chickpea curry

For anyone who knows me, my idea of vegetarian cuisine is chocolate and cookies. My wife is a keen veggie so I am always actively on the hunt for dishes that will satisfy our collective appetites. The […]

Indian choc chip and mint freakshake

Well, everyone has been doing it and I’ve been just desperate to try one too! Whenever I go for an Indian meal the accompanying dessert options are invariably a little uninspiring. Simple ice creams intended to refresh […]

Apple and blackberry crumble

I rarely make a crumble, for the simple reason that I have an awful tendency to just eat the topping, leaving a bowl of hot, sweet fruit for everyone else to enjoy! It’s one of my […]

Cheese omelette

A perfect omelette is one of those under appreciated wonders of life and as the health debate tells us that neither eggs nor cheese are the enemy anymore, and we can enjoy them to our […]

Rich chicken curry

I’m not one to blow my own trumpet, but the last couple of attempts I have made at Indian cuisine have been absolute zingers! This recipe is another that I’d be happy to eat every […]

Energy bites

These are perfect for a long walk or a picnic, and, like their cousin the saint truffle, contain no refined sugar but use coconut flakes (rather than desiccated) to add a little extra texture. Thanks to […]

Banana pecan loaf

This is a staple in our household that often comes out when friends are visiting. The bananas give it a wonderfully moist, rich texture that also feels relatively guilt free (it probably even counts towards your […]

Pork in cider

This is a simple dish for a rainy Sunday afternoon and goes well with a plate of simple greens and some crispy, golden baked potatoes. It’s the kind of thing my father used to love, bold […]

Meat demon pizza

I’m not going to try and convince you that this is the healthy option, but if you’re trying to cut down on your carbs, then this is the pizza for you! The doughy pizza base is […]

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