Coconut and raspberry squares

This is one of those recipes that does exactly as it says on the tin! Coconut and raspberry is one of my favourite flavour combinations and this reminds me of a childhood treat that my parents […]

Sticky barbecue brisket burger

This is one of those long slow cooker recipes that fills the house with the most enticing smells imagineable. You’ll be absolutely desperate to cut the time short, but don’t do it, whatever you do!  It […]

Easy blueberry muffins

This easy recipe for scrumptious blueberry muffins will take you about 15 minutes to prepare and will result in about 12 paper cases worth of heaven. It’s so easy you could even get the children […]

Chicken teriyaki

To my shame, the first time I experienced the joy of chicken teriyaki was quite recently, in a foot long sub at Subway! As is my wont, I immediately wanted to replicate that sweet, sticky pleasure […]

Parmesan chicken

Many of you may have noticed that a lot of my recipes are child-centric or at least child friendly. The real challenge when cooking for a family is finding something that the more choosy eaters […]

Coconut and raspberry pudding

It may be a little strange to some, but I like to make my own birthday cake each year. The reason being that I always have a long list of cakes and desserts I’m desperate to […]

Spicy varutha kozhi chicken curry

Varutha kozhi, which means “fried chicken”, is one of the most basic and popular dishes of South India and there are many variants on the basic recipe which essentially consists of coconut and spices, the […]

Triple chocolate cookies

I like chocolate. I like cookies. Why I haven’t made triple chocolate cookies before is beyond me! There’s nothing smart or sophisticated about this recipe, I just wanted to make something decadent with a truly chocolatey hit. And […]

Kiddie’s fruit salad dessert

Like all good hypocrites, I spend much of my time spooning one decadent morsel after another into my mouth, while doing my best to ensure my children eat healthily!  I’d wanted to use up some leftover […]

Picnic cookies

This is the evil twin of my Kiddie’s Fruit Salad.  Rather than being named after that civilized English past time of eating cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge in the sunshine, these cookies get their name […]

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