Chewy s’mores bars

There was something a little carefree and playful in this recipe. I knew my daughter wanted to make me something for Father’s Day so I suggested that rather than her do it by herself we did […]


Perfect with a cup of strong coffee, or simply as a treat at any time, these sweet, sticky, flaky, nutty slices are quick and easy to make yet look like you’ve spent a lot of […]

Super chewy florentines

Delia Smith thinks these are the best biscuits in the world, but you also need to heed the words of baking guru Annie Bell: “Florentines aren’t the simplest of biscuits, which is why I tend […]


A Microplane® is one of the must-have tools in a modern kitchen and the fine grade version (shown here) is ideal for zesting citrus or grating parmesan or ginger. The story behind the woodworking tool […]

Baked cod with lemon breadcrumbs

Baking cod is one of the fastest and simplest ways of serving up this fish, especially if you are cooking for several people (just increase the quantities accordingly and make sure the cod fillets are […]

Garlic pasta with breadcrumbs

Google is a wondrous thing! I hate waste and had some bread that was on its last legs and some parsley that wasn’t going to see out the week. Having decided that parsley on toast wasn’t going […]

Nadan kozhi (chicken) coconut cream curry

From Kerala in South India comes the delicious Nadan curry style of cuisine (more usually known in the west as Keralan curry, be it meat, fish, vegetables, or eggs). Here is a traditional Keralan-style kozhi […]

Coconut caramel crumble bar

It’s a fact of life that any successful recipe will eventually fall prey to my “maybe it will be better with coconut” philosophy. Because everything is improved with coconut. Or bacon. Or cinnamon. In fact, the perfect recipe would […]

Spicy spaghetti pancetta

I’ve been looking to perfect a really quick and simple pasta dish that packs a punch. The wonders of being a working parent means that you’re always on the lookout for something that’s a little more […]

Toasted fluffatella

I couldn’t possibly include a recipe for the humble fluffernutter without giving a mention to it’s bigger and naughtier brother, the fluffatella. Just like the fluffernutter sandwich, this takes on a whole new level when toasted. […]

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