Indian spiced roast chicken

This one’s a real crowd pleaser that tastes as good as it looks. The list of ingredients might look a little overwhelming at first, but this really is a very simple dish that knocks a […]

Chewy peanut butter and jelly cookies

No sooner had I remarked that my recent peanut butter and jelly cake was quite possibly the best cake I’d ever tasted, than a recipe for a cookie version landed on my kitchen counter!  I […]

Honey and thyme Chantenay carrots

This is a ridiculously simple recipe and one that is most likely to get children eating their carrots, should that be a problem. Sweet carrots are made even sweeter by cooking in honeyed water blended […]

Coarse salt and coarse sea salt

Many modern recipes call for coarse salt or coarse sea salt and various brands are readily available in stores and supermarkets. A reference to “coarse salt” in a recipe means what in the USA is generally […]

Tarte au citron

There are two things I rarely dare to bake – tarts and bread. The main reason being that they are the recipes most likely to leave me in a pool of tears! I adore a lemon tart, […]

Rice payasam or kheer

Enriched with a tasty coconut flavour, rice payasam, or rice kheer, is similar to a western rice pudding but is a traditional festival food from the Karalan area of South India and contains the region’s […]

Chicken and chorizo penne pasta

This is another of those recipes that was more about luck than judgement! We’d just returned from a short break away and arrived home, feeling a little sorry for ourselves, and wanted something easy but also […]

Coconut ice

Considering my obsession with all things coconut, there was a certain inevitability about this recipe appearing sooner rather than later. Having grown up by the seaside, one of my earliest memories is of sitting on the […]

Date syrup

Date syrup is a healthy, natural sweetener made from concentrated date juice and widely available in jars and bottles sold commercially in supermarkets and health food shops. The better brands contain no preservatives or additives, […]

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